Eastern Counties Ontario YFC

Executive Director
Eastern Counties, Ontario, Canada



The Executive Director shall be responsible for the activities outlined in the Eastern Counties Ontario Youth for Christ (ECONYFC) bylaws, as further expanded herein. The Executive Director shall be of reputable Christian character and must subscribe to the ECONYFC Statement of Faith and Community Commitments and abide by the ECONYFC policy manual. The Executive Director is responsible to the Board of Directors for the management and the direction of the activities and affairs of ECONYFC, including development of all programs and the overall spiritual welfare of the organization.


ECONYFC has been a part of the local communities for the past 20 years. Since the beginning, our Youth for Christ workers have sought to meet the needs of young people where they are - socially, spiritually, physically, and mentally. We have always sought to be relevant and proactive to reach teens in the culture in which they live and to act as a signpost to God within their world.

Position Overview

Staff Leadership and Development
  • provide overall leadership for the staff team
  • responsible for the ongoing development of staff members
  • perform yearly staff reviews
  • provide overall leadership in implementing the Board’s vision
  • developing and implementing a strategic plan to carry out the Board’s mission to create a Youth for Christ presence in the secondary schools and communities of Eastern Ontario

Board of Directors
  • attend all Board meetings and report on matters relating to ECONYFC’s programs, personnel, finances and facilities
  • sit as an ex-officio member of all committees established by the Board
  • assist in recruiting Board members

Community Relations
  • maintain regular communication with supporters, churches, and community leaders, sharing with them the impact of ECONYFC ministry programs
  • supervise all mailings and communications issued under ECONYFC auspices
  • engage community groups and churches to raise the profile of ECONYFC
  • provide overall leadership for the programs of ECONYFC, maintaining their relevance and effectiveness in accordance with the ECONYFC’s vision, mission and ministry purposes
  • develop, on an annual basis with staff assistance, a strategic plan to further the vision of ECONYFC

  • responsible for raising personal financial partnership support
  • responsible for locating and applying for grants in support of the Administrative Operations of the Chapter and YFC Youth workers
  • oversee and provide leadership for the fundraising events of the Steering Committees

Executive Director’s Partner Support Team
  • create and maintain partners as a prayerful and financial support team
  • maintain personal contact with all partners on a regular basis
  • maintain a database of the partner support team members

 Staff Partner Development
  • oversee and support staff in their efforts to secure and maintain healthy ministry partnerships
  • create and utilize strategies for maintaining the full deputation of all staff workers
General Administration
  • supervise the general operations of ECONYFC’s Chapter administration
  • assist in developing and monitoring the ECONYFC annual budget
  • supervise, assist the development of the Steering Committees’ annual budgets
  • oversee the general administrative activities of ECONYFC’s satellite operations
  • adhere to YFC Canada’s policies and guidelines
  • adhere to all applicable government regulations
  • ensure ECONYFC policy and procedure manuals are kept up-to-date
  • ensure Board-approved policies and procedures are implemented
  • ensure that adequate and properly maintained facilities and equipment are available for ECONYFC’s programs and staff
  • implement a yearly staff and Board off-site meeting for spiritual rejuvenation, team development, and planning
  • participate in National YFC Ministry Conferences, Eastern Regional Retreats, and other YFC Canada initiatives


The Executive Director will model and champion these values:
Community Impact
‘Develop Positive Community Impact and Awareness’
We want to be known for making a positive impact in our local community. This involves innovative and effective ministry in Eastern Ontario. It also means getting the word out to the community about the important work with which we are involved.
Spiritual Vibrancy
‘Pursue Vibrant Spirituality: Bible based, Christ centered, Spirit led’
It is imperative that our organization exudes Christian spiritual vibrancy. This means that both as individuals and as a religious order, we are:
  • Bible based - the Scriptures are the foundation of our beliefs
  • Christ centered - we focus on following in the steps of Jesus
  • Spirit led - we listen to God and follow his leading

Youth Discipling
‘Impact and Disciple Youth for Jesus Christ’
Our purpose is to call young people to become life-long followers of Jesus. We develop relationships with youth through our programs that ‘go where the youth are’. Working together with like-minded partners, we are seeking to help young people to:
  • Pursue a godly lifestyle
  • Be devoted to the Word of God and prayer
  • Have passion for sharing the love of Christ

 Leader Developing
‘Equip Christian Youth and Leaders for Relevant Youth Ministry’
We believe in the power of a generation of young leaders. It is crucial to empower young people to lead with their gifts, through coaching and giving them opportunities to lead. We want to be champions of teenagers, but also young adults, volunteers and youth pastors.
Operational Integrity
‘Maintain Financial, Operational, and Accountability integrity’
We strive for excellence in stewarding our financial resources responsibly, with integrity and transparency to our partners. We believe that how we operate as an organization is an important aspect of our ministry.
Required Skills:
The Executive Director will continually work at developing these skills: 
  • Effective Time Management
  • Demonstrating initiative, confidence, motivation and vision
  • Collaborative leadership and relational strengths
  • Fostering staff involvement and commitment
  • Business acumen, financial stewardship, fundraising leadership and marketing
  • Networking with churches, community groups, youth networks
  • Effective communication with the Board, staff and community
  • Strategic thinking, planning, decision-making and evaluation
  • Managing complexity, diversity and change

Is This You?               
Do you see how you can foster a flourishing work environment through staff development and community interaction that will allow us to be increasingly effective in transforming the lives of young people? If so, Eastern Counties Ontario Youth for Christ would welcome the opportunity to discuss your vision and mission as Executive Director to connect our Youth with the love of Jesus.

Know someone who would be a perfect fit? Let them know!